Your Lies

Baron Allanonto Psycho, Prince of Thakria

All you do Psycho is shame your city even more by lying.

I fully admit I try to catch you out of your Rituals however at the time you were not fighting.

Your rearsense tells you I tried to summon you a few times when you were either crawling out of your temple to go to a fight or slithering back to your temple after another frustated individual has been goaded into ignoring caution and attacking you in your rituals.

I not once did come near you until after all the fighting and you having killed Silo twice I took my chance to pounce.

It show how little you undertsand that you think I was constantly attacking you - the point is out of your rituals you are nothing, perhaps barely competant compared to other's of tyour profession.

The fact is you eventually were conered and rather than use your skills to escape you panicked and qq'd to avoid being totally humiliated and shipped.