You and your pet, Silo.

Psycho, Prince of Thakriato Baron Allanon


To hear you speak of cowardice on the bulletin board truly does make me laugh. Your story is somewhat selective. Earlier that evening, I was indeed caught out of my rituals by Silo. He died in less than 10 seconds anyway. Then, when I was fighting a challenge against Haplo, you started casting at me. When you were unsuccessful, you claimed that you 'didn't know I was still fighting him'. After I slew Haplo, he challenged again. Then, still during this challenge, Silo jumped in once more. He died to me yet another time. Shortly afterwards, both you and he jumped in (still while I was dealing with Haplo) and compassioned me into your little guild house. I was so disgusted with your actions and behaviour that I quit. It seems I was correct in assuming it would be the most effective way to piss you off. Oh, and I'm sorry to disappoint you and reveal that I didnt take a ship ride.

Is there any depth you will not stoop to, Allanon? Dumb question, really.

Farewell, Psycho, Prince of Thakria.