My apology

I nervously waited East of Thakria's main square, I was sure that a 1000 pound grizzly bear wearing a Merciaen sombrero would not easily blend into a crowd in the city of miracles. My thoughts were soon interupted by the bounty hunter Boon leaping from the fort walls ,crossbow bolts wizzin, with a ragged sorcerer thrown over his back with a very nasty rope around his neck. My companio yanked Macros from his hiding place. We proceded to start curb-kicking the pathetic lump, with his last remaining breaths Macros shot in to the heavens and cut his link with this reality, very pathetic to be sure. All in all it was a very exciting 29 seconds, Im glad he used that mystical spell known only as QQ, so I could avoid a very embarassing demise.

Once again Lazarus, I humbly apologize to you for the 10 seconds I sullied your temple. Be assured I would never attack one of your followers there.

Moradin P. S. Macros turned into a ghost not a guest!