My apology

I want to humbly apologize to Lazarus , The God of Pain for invading the sanctity of his temple. It was wrong of me and I realize it will involve a measure of punishment.

There are no excuses, but I will explain how circumstances brought me into the Temple. The Not-So-Mighty Apprentice Sorcerer Macros was standing in your temple reminding me how crap I am so I challenged him. Instead of meeting the challenge and killing me in 30 seconds as per his note, he decided to inform me of all the ways he was superior to me. After about 20 minute of pleading with him to show me how much better he was than me, I could take the jeers and insults no longer. I started using my magical items to travel to him frantically. I arrived and to my horror I sensed a putrid evil and almost died when I beheld A statue of the Sorcerer Shaitan. I turned my attention away from the terrifying visage and started to thrash Macros. He quickly turned into a guest and fled. I followed him through avalon like a wolf. He was swift of foot and could fly up into heavens, in the back of my mind I kept wondering when my 30 seconds would be up. I enlisted one of my most stalwart companions, the bounty hunter known

nly as Boon, to help me remove Macros from fort in which he was cowering. <cont...>