Aslan of the Illuminatito Everyone

Ive been away for ages and its nice to be back... When I stopped playing Avalon last year it was just after it had made its move to the US, and a fast link and reliable link was being arranged for all of us loyal British types. On returning I am begining to wonder where it is. I know this is going to bore most of you to tears, but I just wondered if others were experiencing the same problems. I know Allanon is. We both had our carriers dropped 4 or 5 times this morning in the space of about an hour and a half. And the connection when it has been up is not exactly like lightening. Could anyone enlighten me? Is Ibmpcug having some kind of technical difficulties or is there a better service i could be using.

It ruins the game if you can only respond ten seconds after something happens or if you get killed while your carriers been dropped. Timeout on is great if you are not lagged and consequently getting logged off and losing all your protection every time you hit lag.

Im genuinly frustrated. Is there any solution please anyone? .