Your potions and defences

I think Aslan that I should point out that your last BB is in fact bollocks. You DID have all your potions and if you did have no defences, it is your fault for not knowing how to use your potions. And generally I dont go in for killing people mercilesly, just a few now and again. Currently Lancelot, Moradin and Brendel. Oh yes, and anyone found contravening Thakrian law.

Moradin: Where were you the other day? Running rather rapidly as I seem to recall. Not so good without Balthus or someone else to assist are you? Taliesin, I missed you off the list above. You are in fact on it. Taz, I missed you off a list in an earlier BB. Apologies. You are one of very few capable of fighting without an army.

Macros, Prince of Darkness.