Your previous BB

I feel that I must correct you on a point Moradin. You mention in your previous BB that you... errr... almost had me? Then you claim it was you whilst at the same time mentioning Balthus' involvement? You also failed to mention Rithos' rituals which I was sat in at the time. So, Moradin. Well done on a 3:1 kill, well, Blathus actually as he did it. I often wonder in this day and age if there are any people out there capable of fighting me one on one beyond two seers and one knight that I can think of. I know that YOU cannot do it Moradin. You never could before your name changed and you are no different now. You cannot hide in groups forever Moradin, Taliesin, and a whole host of others. I watch for you all frequently. I will find you out of your temples, away from the protection of others and your forts, and then... we shall see. One on one.

Macros, Prince of Darkness.