Silly Laws

Mercy, Teller of Fine Fortunesto Everyone

How funny. Now that the shoe is on the other hoof, Thakria starts whining and posting laws. When I was a 400 health newbie I was repeatedly killed and robbed by a *team* of Thakrians, Shaitan and Xandamere. Fairly large guys. And not too long ago, I was attacked in my guild by none other than the famous Thakrian combined melee team of Shriek, Sethanor, Xandamere, and Singe who sent rits from right outside the city gates. Your laws are a joke. There may be a tendency to take pity on Thakria since they are weaker without Shaitan, but I urge you all to have long memories.

Never Forget.

Stop whining and take your medicine, Thakria.

Baroness Mercy - for Orthwein, Parrius, and the Astrologers