Moradin, Ranger of the Golden Sunto Everyone

I want to clear up a misunderstanding. My note #10077 was not referring to any Order in particular, but instead to city, Thakria specifically. I understand Thakria's citizens wanting to be safe, as their combat skills are lacking.

As for followers of Andromeda hiding in temples, Rithos and I would gladly challenge any two followers from any of the Thakrian Orders, as Lancelot and Haplo, I am certain, would also be willing. This two-on-two (or four- on-four) combat would show, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the glaring inability of Thakrian Followers to reflect the true grandeur of their Patrons.

Interested parties: apply to Moradin c/o Andromeda, The Goddess of Dreams.

P. S. Failure to respond within one week will result in reluctant withdraw of this offer, begrudgingly acknowledging followers of Andromeda as superior reflections of their patron's splendour.