Last reminder, New York meet

Zaneto Everyone

Ok, last time, promise...

The New York meet is happening tomorrow, Saturday March 16th, at 7pm, at Le Figaro in Greenwich Village. All will meet there, and once assembled migrate to a suitable spot to pig out.

Directions: Closest subway station is West 4th and 6th ave. Just walk down 6th a block or two to Bleecker and hang a left. You're there. By car, drive down 7th to Bleecker and hang a left, drive past 6th to MacDougall... or, drive down 5th to Washington Square, turn right, take the first left, that is MacDougall, and go about 4 blocks to Bleecker. Le Figaro is right on the corner of Bleecker and MacDougall.

Once again, my home number is 201-646-9402. I can be reached there in the evening or Saturday during the day. Anyone who needs a place to stay is welcome over to mine, as long as you bring your own sleeping bag or summat. As well, if anyone needs a ride, please message me here, or preferably call me in advance, I'll see what I can do.

See you there!