Archmage Hero, the Umbrogento Artisan Silo

No other parrian is at threat from me - Mercy was the only target. Try reading my bb's next time, instead of just assuming the content.

Dakeyras - right, we're getting somewhere. That's half - the parrian barons support Mercy. Now, do you think you might admit in public what you (the barons in general) have told me in private? That you invaded Coriona for it's comms. I've come to realise that asking you to admit that it is a wrong act is too much - after all, you do not consider it to be, yet i do, and we can continue to argue till we're blue in the face.

So - are you willing to say here, that you invaded coriona for economic gain? no apology necessary, just a statement of fact.

One final thing on cityenemies - obviously, those mercinaens that are still belligerant towards parrius should remian enemies. But those who followed the orders of their barons, and have now laid down arms? I would hope they are no longer a threat to you. I have no wish to re-enemy those parrians who acted against the sovereignty of coriona, and those parrians that slew mercinaens in the course of the war - but i would have equal justification for doing it as you do.