Thakrian troops

Ithakusto Sir Lancelot, Dream Blademaster

The war was initiated by myself, Thakrians assisted in erecting the battlements in Parrius, once the battlements in Parrius were up and the invasion was started, I agreed with Lazarus that we should take the Corionan battlement down.

Lazarus, very cleverly, suggested that Wylan need practise manipulating troops, and would I mind if he used Thakrian troops to take down the Coriona battlement. I freely admit that i did not consider that this was a political decision and was busy in Parrius. I said, sure, no problem.

This was of course a mistake on my part, as now everyone is making a big deal of how Mercinae invaded Parrius and Thakria took down the Corionan battlement.

Neither I, nor Mercinae, owes any debt of loyalty or allegiance to Thakria or Lazarus (other than that owed to any god). The decision to involve Thakria in the war was mine, and was made solely to cut the cost to Mercinae.