I think your line to Silo sums it all up: \"When you are a citizen of Mercinae, then I will listen to your views\".

On a broader scale, Parrius invaded Coriana. Which was, in my opinion, wrong. Therefore, the cases to remove the Parrian battlement within Coriana are acceptable. However, the allegience of Thakria and Mercinae aligned with the purpose of destroying Parrius, was just, no twice as wrong. Two wrongs do not, and never will make a right.

I believe the Mercinaen stance was the most foolish. After all, Thakria sent her troops in for the simple task of taking Coriana, and that was it!

Fair enough, cash was taken from Thakrian coffers, but the eyes were truely on Mercinae. And rightly so. Mercinae messed up bad on that day, and if any Mercinaen citizen seeks homage for the events on the invasion of Parrius, then THEY should seek it. They were in the wrong.