You are missing the point

You are *totally* missing the point, all of you parrians. Mercinae was morally bound to attack a city that took such a thoughtless, agressive action against an undefended village. Mercinae's actions in invading Parrius were no different from yours i n invading Coriona, except that Mercinae had the cause of \"right\" on their side.

Actually, at least you had the opportunity and means to defend yourself. It took an outside hand (ie. Thakria) to liberate Coriona from your oppression.

I hate to sound childish, but you started it first. Mercinae and Thakria both gave you ample opportunity to stand down, and you ignored us. I'm all for roleplaying, when it is not used to excuse yourself from such reprehensible actions as your invas ion of Coriona.

The point is, basically, YOU invaded Coriona, defenseless as they were, you took their coms and money for yourself, and then dared to think you could get away with it, despite two other cities' pleas to release it from your occupation. We got tired o f screwing around with you and took matters into our own hands. That is how the matter stands, period. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Mad Wylan, the Black Warlock