New York Meet - Reminder

Zaneto Everyone


Just a reminder about the New York meet to be held March 16th, as well as a few specifications as to exactly where it is to be held.

The master plan is to assemble at \"Le Figaro\" (yes, it is on purpose that I choose a place with a french name) at 19.00 and from there, we will migrate according to popular vote. Le Figaro is a cafe, so it's not really proper to eat, but it's quite central, and we'll be within about 15 minutes walking distance to pretty much any cuisine that exists. There is actually a real cool place called \"La Mela\" quite nearby. Italian place, and it rocks very hard. Great for groups.

Le Figaro is located right at the corner of MacDougall and Bleeker, in the heart of Greenwich Village. If anyone needs directions, please message me, or call me at 201-646-9402, where you also get to leave a message cause I'm either not here on on Avalon <g>. I 'd appreciate anyone who'll be coming if they let me know, as it will make everything much easier. Also, when you get to Le Figaro, ask for the Avalon group, though I hope we'll be hard to miss.

If anyone needs a ride, please let me know, and I'll see if something can be arranged. As well, if anyone is coming from out of town and needs a place to crash, you're welcome at mine. Just bring a sleeping bag or something, cause I'm quite ill-equipped, but there's plenty of floor space. Hope to see lots of you there!

One last thing... I sell the best poisons in the land, and my locks rock. Drop me a note, I'll be glad to fulfil all your needs.