Archmage Hero, the Umbrogento Silk, Spider of Fate

Hmm, i've just had a look at the number of Mercinaens who are still enemies of parrius for their actions during the war. Rather a lot. Interesting to note, that as a guesture of good faith, Mercinae has unenemied all the parrians who fought during the war.

If you really are interested in peace, and repairing the wounds between us, then i suggest stepping down a little off your high horse, and unenemying those who no longer pose a threat to parrian security.

If you truly want peace between us, then meeting us half way is going to be the only way to do it. This kind of arrogance is what started the war in the first place, and i very much doubt that peace will come about while you still treat mercinae as your sworn enemy. I am prepared to end this business now. Are you?