Thakria & Evil

Kailess, I fail to see where you get the impression that Thakria is overtly Evil.

Thakria is all about Power. This can be the power of the individual ot the power of the whole. The fact that One of the guilds within Thakria is normally alligned with Evil does not make the whole city so. I for one do not go around making Zombies of people as some people appear to have been telling newbies. In fact I am quite distressed the fact that some people of Avalon are telling newcomers that all Thakrians dance naked and eat babies. Quite proposterous really.

Many of the guilds do not believe in true evilness, They believe in what Thakria can offer them, This is a sense of purpose, a sense of Power and choice in ones own destiny

It was this sense of Power and purpose that along with Ithakus' army, we held the Parrian Barony at bay for nearly 20 Hours during the war. It would have gone on longer were it not for the events thathappened.

Thakria is a place for the strong willed to live, If you are one who needs to be led like a lamb to slaughter then you are not welcome in Thakria. We guide and support our newcomers, and help them live and breathe and experience what true freedom can be like. This is where they can make there choice, to be free of the moral guidelines, or to perhaps follow a stricter code. This is why people like you Kailess, blinded by prejudice see Thakria as an evil city. Regards, Sir Cimares, Minister for Publice relations