Zakathto Everyone

Dear all,

I was wondering if a system could be set up similar to the pacifism

system where a fighter could 'Choose Combat' and have a shroud

of war placed upon him for an avalon month.

During this avalon month, he would not obtain divine protection even

when taking a deathship passage. He would not be allowed access

into any Comm shed.

The advantage being that those that wish to fight and do not

cower in Comm sheds can do so with each other. The incentive

for this could be that those who choose the 'Mantle of Ares'

would benefit from benefits such as : Less xp loss when dying,

or 10% less damage taken, or something appropriate...

maybe no skill lost after passages.

Not sure would it work... any opinions?


Written by my hand on the 7th of Springflower, in the year 985.