Evil Tleilaxu Carai el Thakriato Everyone

Loremaster - Kodiak gets this one from me, Zeni is real close as I think he

performs better in group settings but in sheer one on one I think kodiak

edges him out

Knight - Gonna go with krill on this one he was far more creative

with the skillset than anyone else I've seen, honorable mention

to lancelot I can't believe noone else has mentioned him

Mage - Gandalph hands down, Aerian, Circe, and Fist were all good

but I saw them die occasionally, i can't think of anyone who really killed gandalph

Seer - Flagg was without a doubt the best seer I have seen to date

but I never saw cordon in his hayday, and an honorable mention

to Cthulhu who was very good, and to dirl for pure sadism

Sorcerer - Dartanian, can't believe he wasn't mentioned, with Solan coming

in second, Salvador probably takes it for current sorcerers.

Ranger - Pahn back in the day with ender at a close second, though

belgadeth seems very good I just haven't seen enough of him to make

an informed decision

Thief - Plaman, narissa is good but I have yet to see her singlehandedly

ship 3 or 4 people at once

Bard - None come to mind, you would think with such a powerful skillset

someone would take a bard and run with it.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Leaflost, in the year 1197.