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Auntie Zatarina Evergreen

Born 14-6-2008

Zatarina is a citizen of Silverfalls and a member of the Animists Guild.


She was welcomed into the Order of Wraith on the 20th day of Mournsend 1232.

The Council of Lore accepted her request for Opalescence specialisation on the 16th day of Ilmarael 1290.

She was awarded the status Elder of the Artisans Guild on the 2nd day of Eleuthral 1303 by Skippie.

On the 1st day of Mournsend 1311 she denounced the patronage of Wraith.

She was welcomed into the Order of Tyranis on the 2nd day of Mournsend 1311.

The privilege of divorce was granted, by the authority of Genesis, the god of time, on the 5th day of Agamnion 1317. The marriage between Auntie Zatarina Epicurean and Lightmare Caine, The Original Sin is permanently and irrevocably ended.

She took the formal bondswoman oath of the Druids Guild and the Profession, before Kerowyn and witness, on the 2nd day of Eleuthral 1338 aDW.

The five symbolic bird-presentations of Satsuki, Ashvani, Khashakin, Sulisia and Andromeda bestowed Ornithology on her, on the 11th day of Springflower 1350.

On the 15th of Midsummer 1350 her relationship with the ancient forests of Avalon crossed the final rubicon: her acquisition of the Animism specialisation a natural and fully merited consequence.

On the 25th day of Leaflost 1363 she denounced the patronage of Tyranis, god of war.

She is known to be active in Avalon at this time.

If you wish to know more about Zatarina, type HISTORY ZATARINA to read her full character history. Check BIOS and see LIFESTORY ZATARINA if her biography is available in any of the libraries.

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